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Champion services businesses throughout California and the U.S.

Champion Employer Services was founded in 2000 by small business owners who understand the challenges associated with operating a business and managing employees. It became abundantly clear that the “big box” Payroll and HR providers were too large and impersonal with their cookie cutter, one-size fits all approach to provide the human touch necessary to offer any real value to a business owner. They saw what was available in the market and created a service model that would fill the void of employee administration, and HR compliance for the business owner.

Simply, Champion Employer Services provides practical Payroll and HR management solutions to small and mid-sized business. Champion’s human touch coupled with technology and expertise is designed to protect your business by providing a layer of security between your business and the potential risks associated with managing employees. This frees up a business owner to focus more on the important things in their business without the uncertainty and headaches of employee administration.

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Champion Employer Services is committed to your success. Our team approach creates a partnership that is focused on one goal – to help you achieve your business objectives. When you partner with Champion, our team of experts becomes your team. Depending on the type of service package you have chosen, you’ll be assigned a specialist in each of these areas spearheaded by:

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Payroll Specialist

Your Payroll Specialist is trained in every aspect of payroll including overtime, pay classifications, deductions, terminations and efficiency strategies. We go beyond just payroll so rest assured that your Specialist can help you with any payroll or related.

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Employee Benefits Specialist

Your Benefits specialist knows benefits and healthcare law and can help you with the right benefit plan whether health, life, retirement, or supplemental and handles all the administration for you and your employees.

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Human Resource Specialist

Although there are several HR experts at Champion, you’ll be assigned a dedicated expert based on the level of services you have chosen. We’ll keep you abreast of laws, help you with day-to-day situations and help keep your employees performing efficiently.

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Payroll Tax Specialist

Our Payroll Tax Specialist handles the State and Federal deposits and reporting on your behalf. Your specialist will make a dedicated effort to shield you from the problems associated with payroll taxes and payroll tax authorities.

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Workers Compensation Specialist

Our Workers Compensation team handles everything from new policies acquisition, renewals, audits and injury reporting. Our specialist knows the issues that frustrate most businesses and is committed to managing these issues so you don’t have to.

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