Providing additional perks to the employees help indirectly towards the growth of the organization. These California Employee Benefits vary from company to company, and some are very generous. Just make sure to keep the mantra in mind that a happy and satisfied employee will work double time better for the upliftment of the firm. So, hire the HR Outsourcing Company which will take care of your Employee’s Insurance Plans and health care programs to the fullest.

Here are the top four Employee Benefits every employer should make sure their HR Company is providing:

  1. Medical Benefits

    With an affordable health insurance plan, and good leverage on maternity, paternity, and adoption leave, there are a few additional sectors to be included in the Employee Benefits plan. The HR outsourcing company chosen by an employer should be generous in providing much-needed support to their employees. As per the Medical & Family Leave Act, around 12 weeks of medical leave is compulsory during the above-mentioned scenarios.

    Companies also provide health care programs where a simple gym membership or regular physical & mental checkups are included.

  2. Financial Benefits

    Every person is working hard to achieve financial security in life which begins at the place they work at. Offering bonus and incentives on festive holidays or company’s anniversary is a good example of it. This is also applicable for employees doing overtime or completing a huge account. Along with this, Employee Benefits in financial sectors also include insurance like health care or injury leave. Many other benefits provide the opportunity for the employees to buy shares of the company they work at as well as get loans and investments.

    If an employee was laid off from the company, then they are liable to receive unemployment pay for a certain term by the company. All these factors should be taken care of by the HR Outsourcing Company handling your firm.

  3. Retirement Benefits

    This is the one Employee Benefit that is a must-have part of every employee plan. By including the right retirement plan for yourself, you would be able to plan a secure future. Good HR Outsourcing Companies provide a transparent retirement benefit plan for the employees of their client’s firm so that they can understand all the aspects precisely. As a part of this benefit, the investments and funds planned by employees are also returned with applicable interests.

  4. Additional Personal Benefits

    This is a kind of Employee Benefit that is not as common in every firm. For the satisfaction of your employees, you can go with an HR Outsourcing Company that would introduce some personal benefit plans. These plans include the following benefits:

    • Company’s Vehicle Usage: To carry out the work related to the company like meetings with clients or checking on sites, the company should provide employees with automobile and gas charges.

    • Paid Leave: In case of sickness and injury, paid leaves are a right of every employee. During this scenario, injury insurance also plays a huge role.

    • Equipment Support: Welcoming new employees by providing them with necessary equipment such as a laptop and connectivity charges is the way to go.

    • Rewards: Boosting the morale of your employees, see that their Employee Benefits plan includes rewards and prizes for a job well done.

These are the basic California employee benefits every company should provide to their employees. Make sure to go through the employee plans an HR Outsourcing Company is providing before choosing them.