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Still Tracking Employee Time Manually?

If you are still tracking time manually, or using an old “punch card” system or your employees are manually filling out time sheets, maybe it’s time you consider updating your timekeeping system to take advantage of the technology available. You have a responsibility and obligation to track time accurately and maintain those records for at least 3 years. Why would you not automate this process?

We can think of 4 very clear benefits to upgrading your timekeeping system:

Time Clocks are Precise and Accurate
Electronic timekeeping systems provide accurate and precise timekeeping down to the minute. They track start/stop times, lunch breaks, vacation, sick time and holidays so you will have a cloud based record of your employee’s time worked. Should you ever wind up in a court of law and need to defend your timekeeping practices, wouldn’t you want them to be bulletproof?

Time clocks are Easy to Use
An automated timekeeping system is easy to set up. Simply “plug it in” using a standard power source and internet (Ethernet) connection. There is no software to install.  Simply view, edit, and run reports using your web browser. A web-based server automatically does all the collecting, calculating, processing, and reporting in a quick and efficient manner.

Time Clocks Save Time and Money
Automated timekeeping drastically cuts administrative work required to prepare payroll, saving you time and money. The hassle of collecting time cards, adding hours, and submitting them for payroll processing is minimized. The systems are not only designed for big companies but for small to mid-size business as well. They are affordably priced because technology has made drastic leaps in the last few years.

Time Clocks Provide Real Time Monitoring of Employees
Since the time clock is Internet-enabled, you can monitor employees across your entire organization from the privacy of your office using a web browser — even if you have multiple clocks.  With innovative electronic time clock technology, managing your company’s time from anywhere in real time has never been easier.

How a Timekeeping System Works
Once you’ve installed the system, your employees punch in and out through a PIN, swipe of a card, proximity card, proximity key fob, biometric scan, even using a web browser or phone. The time and attendance records are immediately available to your supervisors and payroll professionals.

From the online site, you can verify and edit employee punches, and see updated totals at any time.  You can also run labor reports in numerous formats.

An electronic time and attendance system is especially ideal if your organization has several branches or locations, because you can connect multiple clocks to the same account.  Your timekeeping data is combined and accessible in one place.  Employees can even clock in on one clock, and out on another. Our automated timekeeping time keeping solution is a perfect solution for today’s growing enterprise.

Manually tracking time is so 90’s. Contact Champion today to upgrade your system and make sure you’ve got bulletproof time records.

  • 24 Jul, 2014
  • Tom Elias

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