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Reduce Labor Expense and Improve Morale?

There is a way accomplish labor cost savings and improve morale, as well as achieve better protection from the impact of workers compensation claims and employee health related issues. Most good things cost money these days, especially when it comes to your business. However, by using the tried and true method of providing supplemental benefits to your employees, you can achieve these immeasurable results in your business without much effort or expense.Accident Insurance

Supplemental benefits as provided by companies like Colonial and Aflac serve many purposes as illustrated above, and usually at no cost to the employer, unless you choose to contribute. These plans can be implemented as part of a larger benefit plan at your business or as a stand-alone if you are unable to afford more expensive group benefits. Implementing a volunteer, or minimally sponsored supplemental benefits plan can help you:

  1. Offer a more competitive benefits package
  2. Realize tax savings for you and your employees
  3. Increase employees’ take home pay
  4. Help fill gaps in existing high deductible health plans
  5. Help employees meet gaps in their own personal health coverage
  6. Reduce the risks of off-duty workers compensation claims and disability fraud
  7. Improve employee morale and retention

Companies like Colonial and Aflac have been around for decades and continue to grow in both their value to businesses and workers due to the fact that their programs work. With today’s online enrollment and high human touch service, implementing and enrolling in a plan at your work site is simple, convenient and will result in immediate results.

Supplemental Health Insurance plans include multiple coverage and levels, and with attached wellness plan, can actually wind up costing your employees next to nothing. Optional coverage include:

  1. Disability Insurance
  2. Accident Insurance
  3. Medical Bridge Insurance (to augment high deductible health insurance)
  4. Cancer Insurance
  5. Critical Illness Insurance
  6. Hospital Confinement Insurance
  7. Term Life Insurance

Of course these plans can be structured as a completely voluntary plan, should you decide to sponsor a plan, you could conceivably contribute as little as $20.00 a month per employee and receive 10-fold back in the way of employee morale and retention. Sponsoring a plan like this is cheaper than a raise because not only is this contribution not taxed or subject to workers compensation insurance, whatever the employees have deducted from their checks beyond your contribution is also pretax and not subject to workers compensation under IRS Section 125 rules.

Champion has strong relationships with benefit providers and can  help you make a difference in your business and your employee’s lives. Contact us today for more information at or if you’d like more information, please complete the form below:

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  • 28 May, 2014
  • Tom Elias

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