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Firing an Employee the Right Way

Firing an Employee the Right Way

One of the things that are inevitable in a business or organization is firing an employee. As the adage goes – it is better to uproot a bad trunk, rather than leaving it to infect other trees.” Same thing works for businesses.

As an entrepreneur, business owner, or human resource manager, it is your duty to ensure that your employees or those working under you are carrying out their duties at optimum performance. You also have to take necessary actions on noticing that they are not performing up to standards.

Imagine after recruiting an employee who seemed competent and capable enough initially. However, after some time, you begin to notice a drop in productivity level. The employee begins to miss deadlines, reports late to work, turns in incomplete reports, gives excuses, and lots more.

When everything just seems to be probably wrong for the employee, what do you do? Obviously, there is no time to babysit. The best thing is to let him go. However, it might be risky for your business. There are certain steps that ought to be taken before firing the employee. Here, we take a look at some of the things you should do before firing an employee.

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What Should I Do Before Firing an Employee?

Here are a few things to keep in mind before firing your employee.

Detailed Documentation
Documentation is key. It is very important for you to write down practically everything. Whether formal or informal conversation, keep a record of it, even if it’s by writing it in a notebook. You can always make reference to this. Take notes of dates, time, as well as actions that has led to your decision to dismiss the employee. This may be all you need to defend your decision.

Explicitly Communicate Expectations
One important thing when assigning tasks is to communicate your expectations clearly. There should be a job description and an expected outcome for every job. You ought to have an explicit understanding of the responsibilities and functions of each employee on your team. Making assumptions will be an error on your side. Define each role clearly. This will make pinpointing mistakes and correcting problems quite easy.

Furthermore, ensure that your employees are aware of your progressive discipline policy. The discipline policy should outline the mode of corrective action and termination. With this, issues will be taken care of fairly and consistently.

Be a Good Coach
Ensure that both your new and existing employees are well trained. Always provide feedback for anything you notice. The good ones will help motivate and spur them, while the bad ones will search as an encouragement to sit tight and tie up loose ends.

You can also initiate a performance improvement plan articulating the particular problems as well as what needs to be done to make corrections. Holding regular meetings can also be helpful. With the feedback, employees will have a better idea as regards their performance before it results in taking disciplinary actions or termination of employment.

Firing an Employee

Conduct a Written Counseling
Once you notice that the situation is becoming bad, consider conducting a written counseling. In the written counseling, outline what you have noticed so far, as well as specific areas the employees need to correct. Also detail what improvements you will like to see, and how this can be accomplished.

However, there shouldn’t be any form of delay. State in the form that you need to see improvements immediately, noticeable and sustained. Ensure that they sign the form. Even if they do not agree with the content, it will indicate that you conducted a written counseling.

No improvements? Terminate Employment

Taking your time to do all the above should be enough to justify your conscience. No doubt, you have tried your best to get the problem fixed. However, in case the type of quality improvements you want are not shown, the best thing is to terminate the employment.

All the above are some of the things you should do before firing an employee. Ensure that the process is well documented and planned. Nothing stops you from going legal for the employment termination.

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