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5 Costly Employment Mistakes to Avoid

costly employment mistakes avoid

As your experts in payroll services in Southern California, Champion Employer Services wants to advise employers to be careful when hiring a new employee. A popular saying goes “you are only as strong as your weakest link” – this holds true in any business, profit or non-profit. The quality of your business depends on your ability to find the right talent you need to succeed. To help you with this, we’d like to share our own 5 costly employment mistakes to avoid.

5 Costly Employment Mistakes to Avoid

1. Gut feelings.

Avoid making hiring decisions based on “gut feelings” like the plague. Far too often employers interview candidates & then hire people based on good looks or what looks good on paper (i.e. their resume). Research shows this approach leads to a 50% failure rate. Hiring should always be looked at as an analytical process based on FACTS, not 1st impressions or gut feelings.

2. Hire the specialist, not the jack-of-all-trades.

This may go against what you initially believe. Mainly because many employers believe that it makes more sense to hire someone who is good at many things & can adapt to different work environments & tasks. Here’s the thing: the very large majority of people are NOT good at many things – chances are they are only good at a few things. They are specialized in a few things. Hire for those things & those things only and you’ll have an employee you can rely on.

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3. Try looking from within your own personal network first.

Before placing out public advertisements trying to fulfill positions (which cost you time & money), we strongly encourage you to reach out to your own personal network as a great starting point. Ask your most trusted employees, friends, and even loyal customers if they may know someone fit for the job. Upwards of 75% of successful business leaders find their best talent through their own personal network.

4. Asking illegal questions.

This should almost go without saying, but surprisingly many employers do not follow the rules or the protocol when interviewing a candidate. Much of this is simply because employers are not informed on what’s legal and what isn’t. By law, when interviewing a candidate you cannot ask about race, creed, country of origin or religion. If you need assistance on establishing a script or protocol that adheres to the law, then we can help. Many employers have never been taught effective techniques in asking the questions to find the right talent.

5. You don’t ask your candidates to prove their skills.

It’s perfectly acceptable to ask a candidate that you’re interviewing to prove their skill set right in front of you during the interview. Have them show you a portfolio of actual work, case studies, or even have them role-play a scenario with you. This idea goes back to the phrase: “actions speak louder than words”.

You have to understand that finding the right person WILL TAKE TIME. Employers often rush into hiring someone that “seems good enough”, which stems mainly from fear. The extra time you put into finding the best talent will pay off much later down the road, as opposed to wasted resources that stem from a high turnover rate.

  • 24 Feb, 2017
  • Tom Elias
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